Different systems

About Insteon

Another smart home technology that can control light, climate and HVC, motion sensors and electrical devices is Insteon. Insteon have been developed in 2005 by company SmartLabs. In 2017 company, and technology, was acquired by Richmond Capital Partners.


Insteon use dual-band network, which is combination of existing wiring inside house and radio frequency technology. Exiting powerlines act as backup line of data transmission, in case that system find some problem with radio frequency communication. Insteon use mesh network, which means that every device in system will repeat message (telegram), so losing data is lowered to minimum. Theoretically, there is no limit in system size, you can put unlimited number of devices in one system. All thought, something like 1000 devices will be practical system limit. System also will work without HUB, but will limit some of functions that was included in HUB itself. In most of cases, when there is failure on HUB system will lose possibility to be remote controlled.


Security is on high level, as user need to have physical device in hand in order to add it to system and control it. Every device itself will protect any unwanted access to it, and it will hide address and functions from external scanning. Address is unique for every device (something like MAC address in local area network), and it is hardcoded by manufacture. When adding device to system, that unique address must be typed inside HUB to make it part of system. There were several rumors regarding Insteon security, but nothing big come out from that.

Building system

Basically, you need to purchase some of insteon devices and HUB that will make possible to connect that device for control. Afterwards, you can add as many number of devices (as I said theoretically), and it can communicate with already connected devices.


Insteon is, in some level, compatible with X10 protocol, as there is a way to exchange protocol and telegrams with it. Also, Insteon is compatible with Amazon Alexa. RTI and Control4 are also compatible with Insteon system.

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